"ECO-nomics" Smart Energy Construction Program

At Mallard Homes, we understand that homebuyers have a lot of choices when shopping for a new home. We continually look for new and better ways to build our homes, using the most advanced construction techniques and new home technology. That’s how we developed the “ECO-nomics” Smart Energy Construction Program. When you compare our homes to other homes on the market, you’ll see that our homes offer you unmatched energy efficiency and extraordinary value.

According to the EPA, home utility costs are expected to more than double over the next 10 years. One of the smartest ways to avoid these increases is to purchase a new home, featuring Mallard Homes’ “ECO-nomics” Smart Energy Construction Program. Our Mallard-built homes can save homeowner’s up to 50% on their total utility costs as compared to other builders’ code-built homes. As a matter of fact, we won’t build our homes any other way. That’s why the “ECO-nomics” Smart Energy Construction Program is included in EVERY HOME we build; it’s NOT an option.

When developing the “ECO-nomics” Smart Energy Construction Program, we researched not only energy saving products and techniques, but also considered the cost to implement them. As a result, our program offers the best balance of Energy Efficiency, cost, and ultimately value for our homeowners.

When you combine the energy saving features of our “ECO-nomics” Smart Energy Construction Program, with our superior construction and affordable prices, you have a combination that just can’t be beat. While other builders will offer you superficial options, our program gives you real value and long term savings.

Take the time to compare us to other builders; we are confident that you’ll find Mallard Homes to be the best choice. Contact Us to find out more about our residential construction services.